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The Physician Outlook Magazine is a magazine that readers and advertisers alike will trust. The loyalty of our solid existing Physician Outlook readership base of nearly 100,000 is a receptive unique target audience for advertisers who want to align themselves and their marketing message to a trusted publication. It is expected that an additional 50,000-100,000 readers will be joining The Physician Outlook Magazine as we work towards reaching physicians and patients with articles that they cannot f ind anywhere else.

The Physician Outlook Magazine has a commitment to timeliness and freshness of content. A dramatically shortened lead time to publication allows for the inclusion of late-breaking news stories that gives readers an exclusive and renewed understanding of the important issues influencing health care. Columns and features include:

1. State and region-specific data that reflect the state of health care as it relates to patients and physicians (number of physicians in the area, population served, non-physician provider issues and other important topics)

2. Personal stories that feature the reflections and insights of physicians, patients and other health care providers

3. Profiles of prominent physicians and their families, focused primarily on hobbies and non-medical “gigs” that keep them happy and sane

4. BEYOND THE EXAM ROOM—A “Dear Abby” style column where patients and physicians alike can write in to get help understanding medical bills and pharmaceutical costs

5.Political and social commentary specialty columns aimed toward improving the patient-physician relationship, affordability of quality health care and step-by-step “how to” advocacy guides

6. Arts and Media section that highlights books, films, websites and other forms of expression that are created by physicians and/or patients And much much more…

The Physician Outlook Magazine is both a print and online magazine that hopes to change the division between the once sacred physician and patient relationship. The magazine has a dual audience: its target reader is BOTH the physician and the patient, and it effectively humanizes and simplifies issues important to patients of all ages, demographics and political persuasions. Advertisers will find that they will be able to reach consumers in innovative and unique ways through.

The Physician Outlook Magazine, and will be able to take pride in knowing that they are supporting the health care needs of ALL Americans, especially those who have been traditionally underserved (minority patients, those from rural areas, patients with special health care needs and others).

The Physician Outlook Magazine supports the fundamental concepts of physician and patient choice, and seeks advertisers who are interested in reaching a broad audience.

The physician outlook reader

Dr. Marlene Wüst-Smith is a Hispanic Physician who graduated from Cornell University with her Bachelor of Sciences in 1985 and with her Medical Doctorate in 1989. She has been a practicing pediatrician for over 25 years and has had the honor of caring for children and their families across the socioeconomic spectrum, from the very poor in North Central rural Pennsylvania to the very rich of the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the East End of Long Island in the Hamptons. She has a passion for making sure that all patients are able to access the highest quality care and understands the many factors involved in ensuring that care is safe, effective and affordable. She has been a contributing editor to Physician Outlook with her own section “Health Simplified” and a monthly column “The Physician’s Desk.”