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2 Gifts for the price of 1

You can get a gift and give a gift this holiday season! Go ahead and spoil someone you love.

With the end of 2021 fast approaching, the Team at Physician Outlook Magazine wanted to take a moment to recognize two companies giving back this holiday season. The first company is Wyatt Co. and is owned by Ben Deem. Ben spent almost 10 years in the music industry. He spent time touring with various artists throughout the world. However, as his son Wyatt (that’s where Wyatt Co. name came from) started getting older, Ben wanted to spend more time at home with him. From that need to spend time at home, Wyatt Co. candle company was born.

Ben founded Wyatt Co. on the core principle of generosity. Wanting to use his family’s talents and abilities to create an amazing product at an affordable cost and use the finances from their success to help those who are in need.

Their motto… SEE A NEED---FILL A NEED!

Physician Outlook is pleased to be partnering with Wyatt Co this holiday season with the Physician Outlook Candle “A Bourbon a Day Keeps the Patient At Bay.” With each candle sale Wyatt Co. will be giving a portion of the proceeds to Physicians Working Together.

Physicians Working Together says “Future doctors need assurance, and medical students need support. That’s our cause at Physicians Working Together, to connect, collaborate, and care for physicians, medical students, and the communities that we serve.” Donations to Physicians Working Together help them support medical students as they strive to become physicians. So, purchasing a candle as a gift this holiday season will not only smell great, it will help a future doctor too.

A second organization that Physician Outlook is working with this holiday season is Let’s RethinkThis (LRT). LRT is assisting RIP Medical Debt to help make the holiday better for families who are suffering from unpaid medical debt. What Let's Rethink This and RIP Medical Debt share in common is the brainpower of Jerry Ashton, a thinker and dreamer of a man working to make the world a little better. Just like Physician Outlook, Let's RethinkThis is trying to bring awareness to what is broken in our healthcare system and they encourage people to think outside the box.  

You need only head to the RIP Medical Debt website to see over $5,320,429,000 in medical debt being relieved for families in need. To date, RIP has aided over 3 million families with debt relief. The mission of RIP Medical Debt is to be a source of justice in an unjust healthcare finance system. Our favorite personal story from the RIP website:

“I am a single parent raising my son with special needs. Life has hit us with some hard blows mentally, spiritually, and financially. Opening your letter to find that my medical debt has been paid in full, I will never forget. You have truly blessed our lives with your generosity, compassion, and love.” Signed by S.P.

We want to encourage you to work with Physician Outlook Magazine, Wyatt Co., Physicians Working Together, Let’s Rethink This, and RIP Medical Debt this holiday season and help make a future doctor’s life a little easier, remove some debt from a family who very much needs the help and bring awareness to a few organizations that are working hard to change their little piece of the world. Follow the links in this article to learn more about each organization.

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