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Using Technology To Put Physicians In Control Part 2

Data is the new gold, and physicians generate a lot of data that they currently don’t own or control.

In the last issue, we introduced the problems caused by, and the history behind the meddlesome 3rd parties that impede physician and patient control over decisions and data.  This month’s issue is about physician-led solutions.  So how do we fix this? The answer lies in putting those with the appropriate competency, training and compassion back in charge: The Physicians!



Data is the new gold, and physicians generate a lot of data that they currently don’t own or control. Furthermore they are often being forced to give away their patients’ digital protected health information to third parties that do not provide value to the patients or the physicians who care for them. In this impending digital era we need a digital way for physicians to own their data, and to organize, collaborate, and communicate free from third party oversight and interference. HPEC is building a decentralizing technology called self sovereign identity (SSI)  that can do that for us. SSI creates digital passports for the physician community to own their credentials, and their right to work and interact with their patients without oversight from third parties. See Figure 1 for an overview of how the technology works for physicians.



Once this is built, physicians will then be able to use their digital passports to interact digitally while owning and controlling all the information they generate. Importantly, this technology has an ability to create a sustainable business model that will restore control over the practice of medicine, and put it in the hands of practicing physicians. See Figure 2 for an explanation of how we plan to use this technology to generate a sustainable revenue for the physician community.



This technology has the ability to connect the physician community in ways never thought possible. We can bring agency and autonomy to the physician patient relationship again, by empowering the physician community to control and own their data. The HPEC network will be decentralized, where the physicians own and control their data, and their ability to interact with their patients. Any practicing physician can participate and because we are rewarding physicians for joining the network, it is better than free and easy to join. See Figure 3



The physician community has an opportunity to be the first to adopt this technology in order to build a healthcare future that we can be proud of. We can own our future, we can control the narrative, and we can do so while upholding the hippocratic oath and protecting our patients’ privacy. HPEC is a company with a sustainable business model, and it is currently 100% physician owned. We hope to keep it that way, and want you to be a part of this movement. Please  follow us on social media @HPECid, and go to our website to learn more



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