Trust Toolbox

Trust Toolbox

The use of the telephone may become stressful. To protect staff's morale, time and energy, and avoid unexpected turnover, you will want to consider reinventing the use of the phone via Inbound Phone Triage.

How’s your relationship with the phone?


In today’s COVID-19 health landscape, many physicians want to shield their staff from unnecessary stress.


And much of this stress comes from the phone.


We know the phone is a powerful tool that many patients prefer - yet it can become an unnecessary drain of time and energy - the very margin that gives you extra grace throughout your day. The thing is, you never know who’s calling or how taxing their situation might be.


It takes intentionality to figure out a plan that maximizes your use of the phone.


At its best, phone contact plays up your strengths, especially for independent physicians. It can showcase how accessible and human you and your staff are. But at other times, phone calls can be uncertain and you never know what emergency is on the other line. Especially during COVID-19.


I’m not a physician, but I know firsthand how critical staff are to your day-in day-out operations. When my father opened his rural practice in 1979, I would cut the grass and trim the weeds around the parking lot - taking care to steer clear of the patients returning to their cars. And as I walked into the office to return the shed keys, I would see countless interactions between patients, staff, and my father.


Of all the challenges of managing a practice over 40 years, guess what was possibly the most difficult one for my father?


It wasn’t the constant threat of lawsuits or mistakes. It wasn’t shrinking reimbursements. It wasn’t even the stranglehold of managed care.


It was unexpected staff turnover. It was the scramble to figure out how to find the right person. It was the performance lag as staff dynamics recalibrated.


If you’d like to protect your staff and yourself from unexpected turnover, you will want to consider reinventing the use of the phone via Inbound Phone Triage.


This is just one of several tools in the “Trust Toolbox” that we are developing to strengthen your ability to serve your patients.


For an early peek at how to implement this, reach out to me at

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