Tiger Lilies

Artist: Maria Capparelli, MD, Internal Medicine Physician

Tiger Lilies

This poem is an ode to physicians and medical workers whose everyday hard work and stoicism is often overlooked, while the world focuses on more entertaining aspects of life. It sometimes, sadly, takes a pandemic to highlight those that uplift humanity. This poem redeems medicine in the eyes of society, and is dedicated to all of the "tiger lily" medical workers themselves to uplift them, for they have gotten so used to walking in shadows.

What’s in a name, they ask,

For We are not celebrity Roses..

The Name says it All, oh Tiger Lilies

For You glow brighter, stand taller, than a much celebrated Rose..


Gentle, Humble,

No rude thorny surprises

Exude fierce Strength

Yet know when to bend boughs,

Bow, yet never Break in the Storm


Tiger Lilies...Thunder Lilies,

Born, Bloom with every Roar of Thunder

True to your Name,

Strength in Humility, 


They blush, don’t fuss over us,

We don’t like being under Spotlights

Indeed, for You are Spotlights incarnate,

Beacons of Hope that heal the Soul.


Leading and lighting,

the way Nature intended,

That’s in a name, oh Tiger lilies!!


The Name does say it All, after all!! 


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