Act Now to Free Your Healthcare $$

Act Now to Free Your Healthcare $$

ACT NOW! There is a new IRS rule in the works, and the public comment period is closing on August 10.


Did you know that your HSA has government-imposed restrictions that infringe upon your rights to choose how and from whom you receive your care?  Seriously?  And did you know these same restrictions direct YOUR hard-earned money in ways that benefit healthcare corporations and Pharmacy Benefit Managers vs. YOU the patient?  If you’re saying "WTH?" like I am, join me in taking a closer look, and more importantly, take action and be heard.


Let’s take a step back - if you were with us last month, Dr. Kimberly Legg-Corba introduced our readers to the concept of Direct Primary Care, a healthcare model that puts physicians and patients back in charge of healthcare decisions by removing insurance and other middlemen.  As a reminder, the DPC model was born for many reasons; two of the needs are crucial. The first were the needs of patients, who found themselves in the middle of a severely broken, expensive, and inefficient healthcare system.  DPC reacted and developed ways to improve access, attention, and affordability. The second need was the physicians’ desire to restore sanctity to the patient-physician relationship. Removing the roadblocks, such as administrative red tape of middlemen, helps patients and physicians meet each others’ needs for a better healthcare experience.  


Well it turns out that the US Department of the Treasury now proposes HSAs can be used to pay for direct medical care fees, BUT the Treasury won't back off calling DIRECT Primary Care an insurance plan. This is unacceptable and limits who can have an HSA and how it can be used. High deductible plans typically have HSAs. This creates inequity among Americans who are asking for healthcare choices.      


Every single American should have access to the tax benefits of an HSA this ability should NOT be tied to certain health plans. Such continued policy is economically and financially detrimental. The uninsured should be able to make a tax-free contribution to a savings account for health care expenses.  Any regulatory or legislative policy that limits access to HSAs for people with HDHP, must be directly addressed, repaired, or dumped. This is not the time for restrictive federal policy from the Treasury or Congress, which would promulgate who can have an HSA account and who cannot.  If folks cannot make a tax-free payroll contribution to their HSA because they have Medicaid or Medicare, then pre-paid vouchers for a certain amount should be distributed to allow these beneficiaries to shop for their health care services, some of which could be with a DPC practice.


What can YOU do to affect change and fight for your freedom to choose?  Believe it or not, all you need to do is to raise your voice for what is yours.  There is a new IRS rule in the works, and the public comment period in the Federal rule-making process is drawing to a close on August 10.  The time for action is now and it couldn’t be easier to speak your mind on the proposed ruling.  Click Here and take 10 seconds out of your day - have your say. 

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