Addressing The Health Care Crisis

Addressing The Health Care Crisis

Dr. Barton addresses the root cause of The US Health Care Crisis

Addressing The Health Care Crisis

Our healthcare system is at a breaking point.

Our nation’s patients are miserable. Too often they are suffering harm due to errors, bankruptcy despite having insurance, long wait times with brief visits. Communication lapses. Overpriced and under-delivered health care.

Apparent indifference, callousness, disrespect towards their time and needs. Poor (or absent) coordination between offices, hospitals, tests and pharmacies. Results not communicated or missed, prescriptions not called in as promised, calls not returned, questions not answered.

Our nation’s physicians are miserable. Suffering burnout, despair and choosing early retirement (or worse) due to increasing isolation from those they have sacrificed to protect. Patient visits are far too brief, communication obstructed. Physicians are increasingly prohibited from directing their own clinics and even their own care plans. They are caught between the needs of their patients and demands from nonmedical authorities.

As Dr. Christina Lang noted in her article "Hello ...I am your Physician" for, “Gone are the days when patients had the luxury of getting to know me. Shortening our interaction was not my choice.”

Where Do We Go From Here?


Physicians across the United States are joining forces. Fed up with this current state of affairs, many are finding their voice.

Physician Outlook is working together with many grass-roots groups  to introduce these leaders to our patients and fellow physicians.

We are here to take back the narrative and change the conversation.

No longer will third party interests reign supreme.

Patients, your physicians are standing up for you.


Adapted from an article that first appeared in The Hispanic Outlook on Education May 2019 edition, in the "mini-magazine" Physician Outlook

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