Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

Autumn is the time to shed our personal leaves and embrace change. As another season passes and a new one begins, remember how life can be so fleeting. Get out of your head and enjoy what life has to offer. Let autumn wash all over your senses and seize these opportunities to reflect back as well as create new memories to be cherished in the future.


So, the calendar is moving on whether we like it or not.  I for one am happy for the change in the season.  The crisp mornings, even in the south along with the bright sunny days.  Those gentle northeasterly breezes bring a smile to my face and spring to my step!

The first sign of Autumn in my house is the Halloween village my wife sets up every year in our living room.  I know it’s for the kids and grandkids, but I sometimes get the most joy from it.  Soon pumpkins will line the front steps and kids, I hope, will get to celebrate trick or treat again.

As I walk outside late in the day I can smell the soft scent of a fire from a nearby home and I think back to quieter, gentler times.  I recently read online a wonderful letter (Dear Younger Me written by Fred Shoemaker) from an older self to a younger self. It is a lovely introspection about oneself.  

In it he writes about now as an older man whose vision is poor and step is weak that he can no longer play golf as he once did.  A lifetime passion that he was fairly good at but realized he never was as good as he thought he should be.  Well looking back, he tells his younger self to stop and smell the roses so to speak.  Enjoy the great outdoors, the wildlife, those friends made both distant and nearby or just new acquaintances.  We can’t all be Jack or Tiger or Bryson nor were we meant to be.  Don’t be so intense that you miss the experience on the way to an unachievable destination, perfection!

For me Autumn is the best season, not the Spring.  For although Spring brings renewal and new goals, Autumn brings more introspection and change.  So as this Autumn and fast approaching Winter months come along, drop those personal leaves and allow yourself to enjoy the changes that come with the colors of Autumn.  All too soon time passes, and you realize you should have worried less and used all your senses to enjoy the ride! Life and the journey can get you down as 2020 has taught us.  Don’t let that happen.  Just remember a Christmas morning long ago and smile my friends.  Be kind to yourself and those you cherish!

Click here to read “Dear Younger Me” by Fred Shoemaker



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