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Black Men In White Coats

Having a physician of the same color and culture affects health outcomes.

By the Numbers


For nearly 40 years, the number of black men applying to medical schools has decreased according to the AAMC report Altering the Course, Black Males in Medicine. Despite the efforts put forth by medical schools across the country to increase diversity, this demographic comprises about 2% of all practicing physicians today.


When Dr. Dale Okoradudu realized this shocking statistic he wanted to do something to change this grim outcome. That is why he created Black Men in White Coats, an online mentoring program that seeks to increase the number of black men in the field of medicine through exposure, inspiration and mentoring.

Dr. Dale Okoradudu


Changing the Narrative


Black Men in White Coats currently partners with several medical schools across the country to produce short documentary videos of black physicians in their respective fields to bring awareness to this issue that not only affects the black male population, but also the nation as a whole. “This is for every child that feels marginalized,” Dr. Okordudu said. Many black children  believe they can’t achieve certain things or become anyone they want to become, most don’t truly believe that being a lawyer or a doctor is even in their reach and Black Men in White Coats seeks to teach these men that it is possible! The field of medicine needs to be a diverse group of physicians to serve the diverse group of patients.


Additionally, Black Men in White Coats organizes youth summits across the country. By working closely with medical schools, high schools, and physicians to provide informative and inspirational sessions and mentorship to our youth who may be interested in healthcare as a profession. You can check out their upcoming events at www.blackmeninwhitecoats.org/summit/


In addition to Black Men in White Coats, Dr. Okordudu also created the Diverse Medicine Recruitment Center, a free online community where pre-med students from diverse backgrounds can connect with medical school recruiters.  The purpose is to provide recruitment opportunities for students.  There are many qualified students who never get the chance to pursue their dream of being a medical doctor simply because they did not know that there was a medical school out there looking for a student just like them while at the same time, the medical school never knew the student existed.  Diverse Medicine Recruitment Center solves this problem by providing 24/7 online recruitment not limited by time, money, or location. You can check them out at www.diversemedicine.com

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