Changing The World

Artist: Zoya S., Child Extraordinaire, daughter of Jawaria Suhail, MD

Changing The World

The inspiring words and art of children who are wise beyond their years remind us of the importance of never losing our inner child. Mirabelle is the 11-year-old niece of pediatrician Dr. Christina Dewey. Mira is in the process of applying to go to a new middle school and as part of her interview she was asked to write “how she would change the world”. This is her essay, which she penned in under 30 minutes:

If I could change the world, I would. If I could rewrite it like I write the words on this page, I would erase evils like global warming and war and this pandemic. If I could change the world as easily as breathing, I would make sure all of the innocent lost souls became found and that no hurt was committed to a living thing. I would form sanctuaries and peace, and trouble would be behind us. If I could, if the world was a blank page for me to fill, I would draw heaven for those who deserved it and justice for those who didn’t.

I could have anything, do anything, know anything, by penning words to card: “And then she knew all.”

I know I would create fantasies. Because of my love for the ocean, everyone would live in golden bubbles and silver nautilus spirals and we would all be friends with the seals and giant tardigrades (I love both seals and tardigrades). We would make merry at night and spin in fairy circles and I would be able to read for hours each day. We would ride sharks and have superpowers and my slightest whims would become real. I could have anything, and the world would be my oyster. (I could probably have a pet oyster too...).

But I know that challenge is a key point in my life. I could create my own challenges, and work long and hard on them, puzzling in my sleep. I could spin problems like a spider spins webs, and live in them for a while, and then with a stroke of ink, it could be gone.

I know I would cheat.

I would find the answers by saying that I found them. I would change my narrative, make life easier. I would be lazy. I would use my powers to serve myself, and if something went wrong, I would heal my damaged ego and arrogance by making things go right. I could be born and reborn, and I could erase World Wars from ever existing over dinner.

That’s why I’m glad the world is not parchment to mark up and throw away to my choosing. Anyone with that power would let it go to their head, even if they were the most humble person.

I’m glad that change comes slowly, like vines stemming from seed which then blossom into things we could never have imagined, good or bad. The world works in mysterious ways.

But change still happens everywhere.

You change the world by breathing; adding a breath that wasn’t there before.

In a way, the world might as well be a piece of paper, but a collective one with old graffiti and masterpieces alike on it, to be added to or scribbled over. But not erased, never erased. Every person draws their lines, writes their words, but everyone is imperfect. Sometimes you make masterpieces that other people think are dangerous and badly timed. Sometimes the world is not ready to accept the change you make, the good and bad and in-between that you do, but we all keep going.

The change that I want to make is to make the world realize that change is theirs and they only get one chance to make it. 

Mirabelle King, age 11

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"Anime" physician drawing created by another very talented child, Alma, age 12. 


“There are those much more rare people who never lose their curiosity, their almost childlike wonder at the world; those people who continue to learn and to grow intellectually until the day they die. And these usually are the people who make contributions, who leave some part of the world a little better off than it was before they entered it.”
-- William Herbert Sheldon

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