Clubhouse Rules!

Clubhouse Rules!

All-Talk, No Games

Afew weeks ago I was invited to participate in a Clubhouse discussion led by fellow Physician Outlook contributor, Dr. Marion Mass.

Clubhouse is a new social media channel. Its ‘drop in’ audio-only format makes it a fast favorite for anyone who wants to connect video-free and relatively drama-free.  There is only audio and the medium has a wonderfully humanizing effect, especially with a facilitator like Marion.

One of the points that Marion eloquently made is that physicians are not in charge of the system of medicine anymore. Medicine has been taken away from the doctors, and Marion’s point is that medicine is not going to be restored without physicians stepping up and reclaiming medicine.

Growing Up In Medicine

As a non-physician, I had the unusual privilege of experiencing firsthand how special the physician-patient relationship could be - and how much has been lost. Growing up, my bedroom was a floor above my doctor father’s waiting room until I was 10. In my late 70s world, it was normal to have my 900 square foot basement serve not as a TV room but as a busy medical clinic. It was homey and the patients loved the close knit feel and enjoyed their doctor’s high level of personalized care and autonomy.

And while my father was human and subject to grogginess when patients called in labor at 3 AM, he always rallied and adjusted his mindset so that he could treat his patients as if they were family. It is easy to realize why he was so overwhelmingly loved and appreciated by his patients.  In an odd technological twist, 40 years later, I am saddened when I read my childhood friends’ Facebook posts lamenting that they are having trouble finding a new family doctor or pediatrician for their own families.

“I’m heartbroken. My family doctor just announced he was retiring.” they write. It was ironic to read and to feel their grief, on Facebook, as well as the shock of having to find someone who could provide the intimate knowledge of their health and level of care that they had become accustomed to.

What does that story, have to do with you? And what does it have to do with Marion’s clubhouse call? It’s very simple.


The individual physician has the power to do something about the way medicine has changed, to reverse what we have lost. You just don’t know it, or you just don’t believe it. It’s the mission of Physician Outlook to empower you to help take back medicine. As a designer the focus of my work and my collaborations is to assist physicians like you take control over your time, focus, and your life in medicine.

The way to empower the individual physician is to provide you with proactive tools that will give you back the time you need to help you stay in front of the next crisis.

It is rumored that Marion Mass will be hosting future Clubhouse calls and we would love for Physician Outlook readers to join her. The Clubhouse app is open only to Apple iOS users at this time, and participants are allowed to join by private invitation only. Make sure you have downloaded the app and that you have the phone number(s) of people in your network saved to your contacts.   

If you have been patiently waiting for an “invite” and struggling with the Fear Of Missing Out (aka ‘FOMO’), wait no longer!

On a first come, first serve basis I am offering physicians who send an email to an exclusive Clubhouse invitation. Mention Physician Outlook Clubhouse in the subject line and briefly tell me the top 3 things you wish you could change about your daily routine that would make you reclaim lost time in your day. 

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