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...and why I think ALL doctors need to become members

"Doctors on Social Media" is a physician-created company that is on a mission to help ALL physicians truly represent (and if they so choose to, effectively "market") themselves in the increasingly important online digital world.

If you are reading this article in the print version of Physician Outlook and are of a certain age or social-media hesitant background, you may hear yourself internally scoffing and saying "I don't need nor want to be part of that wasteland known as the 'online' world."

The truth, however, is that as physicians—like it or not—we are ALL already part of the digital world. Because we have NPI numbers, and because the American Medical Association has sold our data, we are easily searchable, and there are many private-equity backed charlatans who are using OUR data (without our explicit permission) to profit from.

"Google" any physician's name and you will find all sorts of information about them (sometimes with "Yelp-style" ratings that could be maligning to a reputation). The information is often outdated, and sometimes contains personal information such as a private cell phone number or home address. I am talking about "well-respected" companies such as Doximity, WebMD, ZocDoc, USNews, and many others that make their money by using our information to build their directories.

One of the reasons that Physician Outlook Magazine was created is to help amplify the message and mission of physician-led initiatives such as "SoMeDocs," (the nickname for Dr. Corriel's business model and website). SoMeDocs showcases us as physician experts in a unique way, helping us build connections with one another across Healthcare Networks in an affordable, transparent, and unique way.


SoMeDocs has built an influential presence in every major social media platform over the past few years. The website showcases members regularly and shares professional development resources that facilitate growth.

It costs nothing for verified physicians (and pre-medical students) to set up a profile on SoMeDocs. For those who are just starting out I recommend purchasing a PORTFOLIO membership which allows you access to the portal which interests you the most (speaking, podcasting, writing, coaching).


For health experts who are looking to grow or amplify their voice, brand, or side business, I highly recommend purchasing a full NETWORK membership, which allows access to all four portals, as well as unique "MEMBERS ONLY" perks.

SoMeDocs does all of the heavy lifting and promotion work for NETWORK level members.

SoMeDocs is a combination of a personal talent agency for physicians with a public relations firm, and a media company that values transparency in healthcare.

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