Coronaceous Colored Sky

Coronaceous Colored Sky

A poem paying homage to the post COVID colored skies.

When our skies are forever Gray

When our days are forever Blue

Some of us wear Red inside,

Red like those hearts revived

Under a Covid colored sky


Storm chasers don’t follow sunsets

Yet kowtow to honor setbacks

Embrace new growth mindset

Like your shadow has your back


Times when soul feels bare

And nothing feels Whole

Step away for self-care

Momentarily for that common goal


For in that moment you froze

Not that your love was flawed

No love lost since the heart you chose

Couldn’t beat on half hearted roads


Relentless spirits sway

Into wisps of doubt

World may question this dare

Of chasing rainbows amidst clouds

To adorn a coronaceous colored sky


This Pandora’s box is abysmal

Refill your cup and heal my friend

For the Road ahead be dismal

Under a Covid colored firmament


And Believe after every thunderstorm

There follows an orange firesky

That salutes as your own Sun,

Brings sunshine, to a Coronaceous colored sky 

-Ayushi Chugh, MD Neurologist, Poet

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