COVID Vaccine is Magnetic?

COVID Vaccine is Magnetic?

There has been a lot of COVID vaccine speculation. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a webpage dedicated to providing accurate information and preventing the spread of misinformation. For example, there has been speculation that the COVID vaccine has a microchip tracker inside, that it causes harm, that it alters a person’s DNA, that it can affect fertility, etc. However, the CDC has provided scientific explanations disprove these claims.


Regardless, misinformation has continued to spread throughout the internet. In this video, this person claims that after getting their 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine, magnets begin sticking to their arm. They then demonstrate how the magnet sticks to their right arm in multiple different locations. This reflects misinformation that the COVID vaccine can make a person magnetic.

Dr. Karan, similar to the CDC,  is using his expertise to provide accurate information. In one of his YouTube shorts, he debunks the magnetic capabilities of the COVID-19 Vaccine by showing how the person was not using scientific evidence. He attaches blue tack to the back of the magnet and shows how he too can stick magnets onto his own body. He even sticks one on his dog’s, to the dog’s dismay. He humorfully disproves COVID vaccine claims and gives everyone a good laugh! We have included one of his more recent videos here for you to enjoy.



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