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Day 1 of the TakeEMBack Summit

My mission during day 1 of the TakeEMBack Summit was to capture noteworthy quotes and share them with others who may be unable to attend. You can find those quotes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few on Instagram.

“It’s the perverse incentives of medicine for profit”

“You’re not burning out, you’re being abused, you’re being taken advantage of, the patients are being taken advantage of…”

“Unfortunately, one of the things that has happened is we’ve gone from treating anyone, anything, anytime to treating everyone, everything, all the time.” Dr. Terry Mulligan

“If you are relying on lawyers to make a change, it’s not gonna happen… it’s just civilized lying to each other…” Joe Crane

“It’s not going to change the fact that… hospital administrators view your patients as dollar signs and they view you as sponges.”

“It’s about the doctor-patient relationship and it’s not about politics, it’s extremely personal and not part of it” Dr. Marion Mass


Conversations went from fun and entertaining to serious and awe-inspiring. The day was full of stories from doctors actively practicing medicine, patients with good and bad outcomes, and advocates who are defending the rights of doctors and patients alike. There were a few points that I cheered, pumping my fist in the air. There were a few points where my eyes clouded with tears, where my soul cried for the lost.

I had to take a break after Maureen Tkacik spoke, I had to walk away from the computer for a moment. Loss of life, particularly for a child, hits hard. I want to see my doctors as infallible, as impervious to the crushing load of profit over patients, but the truth is they are human too. Most doctors put their patients first in all things, but some… some… are just trying to survive. Trying to stay afloat paying their bills, keeping food on the table, and keeping their family safe. Those doctors are the ones being targeted by entities only interested in profit and the bottom line.

I have lived long enough to know that there are no easy answers. There is no easy way to fix the problem, to put patients over profits, and to make a space where doctors don’t have to worry about losing their jobs because they spoke up. With that thought, I encourage you to watch the press portion of the conference on YouTube. It will help shed a little light on what is going on.


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