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Debunking Plandemic

A no-nonsense first-person response to the "documentary" Plandemic written by physician Dr. Amy Zellers-Shrader.

In the past 48 hours I've had dozens of people send me the video of Dr. Fauci's ex-employee and ask my opinion. So here is my two cents...and you know it's gonna be long so grab a drink, after you wash your hands of course, and a comfy seat.

I truly believe that conspiracy theories are borne out of some piece of truth. And conspiracy theories regarding this pandemic and the response to it are popping up everywhere. Watching videos like this should make you wonder. But you should also not forget how to critically think and determine if a source is valid. The greatest thing about the internet is that you have so much information at your fingertips. And the worst thing about the internet is that you have so much information at your fingertips...but you have to decide what’s real. Even my kids know Wikipedia is a source you should never cite in a paper. Sadly we are being completely brainwashed these days with what we see on social media.


Unfortunately this is probably the most relied upon form of “news” for many people at the moment. With that being said, Dr. Mikovits, although having seemingly excellent experience, quickly loses credibility with me because of what she says about vaccines and what she says about continuously “reinfecting yourself” while wearing masks. I honestly couldn’t watch the entire thing. There may be some truth in there, but I can’t believe her as an expert and I won’t take her word as complete truth because parts of her message are irresponsible.


Vaccines...people...we know these work. You don’t need to spend a lot of time researching this one. When is the last time you saw a case of smallpox? Anyone in your local hospital on an iron lung for polio? You have the evidence you need right there. And the “vaccines cause autism” argument has been disproven so many times I’m not going there. The vaccines we use are produced by private companies, like Merck, Sanofi, etc. Not the government. The government is not producing these and requiring you to be injected with their own product. Under a nationalized, government run healthcare system they will. But not now. That’s actually when you should be concerned.


Masks...if we all wear masks correctly, and don’t fidget with them, they will provide protection. If we all wear them correctly, like actually covering your mouth and nose, then absolutely there will be less virus particles on objects and in the air around us. If the mask bothers you and you consistently touch it and scratch your face and reach under it, yes, you will get whatever is on your dirty little hands trapped inside and potentially infect yourself. If you take it off by touching the outside and don’t wash your hands right away, you could infect yourself. But beyond that, I don’t have any reason to believe that you are going to continuously reinfect yourself and spread covid by mask-wearing.


With all that being said, I know there is corruption in Washington. I know there is corruption in state government. So should you question the situation and the response? Absolutely. And that’s the great thing about America. You can question and not be shot by a “fat little rocket man.” Will you be denied due process and jailed with no charges for doing so? I would really like to think not. I don’t know enough about Dr. Mikovits’s situation to know if she was held unlawfully. I am certain there is more to the story and I like to know both sides before forming an opinion. I think that some of what she says in her video is irresponsible and makes me question her ethics and motives, so perhaps while working for Dr. Fauci she did a few things that were questionable? I have no idea so I’m not going to speak on that. But what I will tell you is that listening to the media spin their agenda and find sources and experts that support their views makes it difficult for any of us to know what is accurate, so we should question everything and seek truth from our own actual experiences and trustworthy sources.


From my own experience, here is some truth. By now, everyone has heard of hydroxychloroquine. It’s been used for decades for patients with certain rheumatological conditions and as prophylaxis to prevent malarial infection when traveling to endemic areas. It’s a relatively benign medication, but as with any medicine, there are things to consider when prescribing it. But physicians know these things, it’s our job, and we’re good at it. The first paper from China mentioning use of HCQ in COVID patients was published on March 9. Not trusting China, but looking at every possible treatment option, physicians started to investigate whether or not there was any merit to the small Chinese study. US studies were initiated and the more we learned about how covid works and knowing how this medication works, it made sense to try, as long as patients understood the risks and were screened appropriately for potential issues...like we do before prescribing any treatment. Studies on HCQ for COVID came out of India, Turkey, and France.


The evidence was not overwhelming that this was a miracle drug, but having few other options it was proving itself to have a role in the appropriate setting. It warranted more investigation. President Trump mentioned this as a treatment in a press conference. Now, his job is not to recommend medication or treatment, but it is to inform us of what is happening and where we stand in the COVID battle. Having information that a potential treatment exists gives hope, which is what our country desperately needs. He did not tell anyone to eat fish chemicals, but that was the message the media focused on. And someone died. And the media tried to make you believe that was the President's fault.


Regardless of how you feel about the president, please don’t be so naive to allow the media to make this your truth. He didn’t say drink Clorox either. I really have too much faith in humanity because I refuse to believe that is the only thing people took away from that press conference, but I digress. Fast forward to the next week after the president mentioned HCQ and physicians are told by many state government officials that they are forbidden from prescribing this medication for patients with COVID because it’s not approved.



But many studies were proposed and some, including my own, were not allowed to proceed. Certain state governments told physicians how to practice medicine. Why...because it was touted by a leader they don’t like. And they care more about proving someone wrong than saving lives. The government prevented physicians from prescribing a treatment that could potentially prevent the process that causes death in many covid patients. The government is reprimanding physicians who have prescribed this medication and have directed pharmacies not to fill prescriptions for patients unless they have a rheumatologic condition.



The decision to prescribe a medication should be up to the doctor and the patient, so long as the patient understands and is willing to accept potential risks.



In addition, the state governments are dictating what medical procedures can be performed. “No elective procedures allowed.” Who defines elective? Because truly that should be a decision left to the doctor and the patient.



The government has no right to tell you that your gallbladder doesn’t need to be removed even though it’s filled with stones and not functioning appropriately and causing you severe pain. But, yeah, it probably won’t kill you so you can live with it.



This is the government practicing medicine without a license. This is a glimpse of nationalized healthcare people. This is the take home message. Question the government and seek your own truth from valid sources.



The media and state governments have politicized a pandemic. And we are buying into it. We are choosing sides and clinging to dangerous messages.



Be critical! Don’t forget how to analyze a source and seek facts and form your own opinions! Don’t allow someone else to give you your opinion!


Could there be some truth in what Dr. Mikovits presents in her interview? Maybe.



But blindly believing everything she says and promoting an anti-vax message is dangerous and irresponsible. Because the truth is, we know vaccines work. And right now, if we had just one vaccine, we could get back to life as usual.

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