DeSoto Memorial Hospital

DeSoto Memorial Hospital

Hannah Barbera Johnson - Diagnosed and treated for cancer, she says, “Every concern I have had, I have taken care of this year, and I have paid absolutely nothing out of pocket. . .”

DeSoto Memorial Hospital, located in Acadia, Florida connected with Mitigate Partners by way of Dr. Lee Gross, to establish Direct to Provider contracts and a Direct Primary Care (DPC) plan for their employees, saving the hospital over a million dollars in health care costs. 

These savings are especially meaningful to the 160 covered lives out of the 220 eligible employees.

Before working with Mitigate Partners, DeSoto Memorial was spending around $2.2 million a year on health plans for their employees due to increasing premiums. Lois Hilton, HR Director at DeSoto Memorial, works to find the best health care plan for their employees. Lois and Vince Sica, CEO of DeSoto Memorial, worked with Carl Schuessler and Barry Murphy, Employee Benefits Advisors at Mitigate Partners, to find a better health care solution for their employees. 

Building an employer-built plan in which the hospital pays $65 a month for all primary care coverage for their employees, which covers all visits with their primary care doctor. The astounding cost savings of 54% ($1.2 Million) allowed DeSoto Memorial to reallocate funds for salaries and other benefits.

These savings also helped Lois and Vince put together a medical advocacy program, which helps their employees get the best price for medical care beyond what their medical care provider covers. For example, costs are reduced for MRIs, x-rays, and surgeries. This program has helped many of their employees get a lower rate than they would have with regular insurance. With no co-pays or deductibles, one employee shares their stories of spending zero dollars to beat cancer, another tells their story of a thirty-one dollar total payment for an MRI. 

DeSoto Memorial’s average annual medical expense per employee decreased from $14,000 to $6,000.

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