Physician Outlook

Artist: Nancy Prendergast, M.D., Diagnostic Radiologist and Artist


Women are equals



They say, “She is intense.”


And they mean to wear me down


Till I fit


In a notion.




Some of my sounds are muffled


My smile becomes only a chagrin within


My hard fought authority withers


I know why I am here


Even if constantly behind


Asked to


Fit quietly into a notion written as a “How to be feminine”




Volume 2020


Every line in between what is said


What is allowed


I push back against


I know why I






To operate a machine still running


To regard a pandemic coming for us all




A fire is burning


On two sides of a three ply


You think the mask is opportunity to hold me back


In my place


In my race, color, gender, or a presumed magnitude pronounced since the beginning of prejudice


First breath,


A mandate championed over and over to have but one class


Of human


I trespass these decrees


Force now to exact my




You will see


Me bleeding out a capacity that does not ask permission


These chains that remain


This mask that suggests I will always submit to being ill defined


Merely accentuate my eyes piercing into your soul,


Knowing full well


I have power in my mind that is frightful


And warm


My soul has rights


I fight back


The ignorance that gave opportunity to lies


Over human existence


The virus comes for us


But I make viral


The undeniable


Escalating finally to the frank


Women are equals


In rank


Holding back nothing to be both vulnerable and resistant


To impartial truths


Like a virus




A mask


May 2020 cleanse persistent arguments


That say


She, he, they






Cannot be


Will never


Not today


Maybe maybe maybe


I remain here


Mark my word


As I have always been






An asset to the constant fight against a threat


Of forgetting


We are all humans


Being eaten alive by a universal threat


Of minimizing 


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