Do NOT let Fear Win

Do NOT let Fear Win

“We have scared doctors from practicing!” Dr. Sabine Hazan when asked about using Ivermectin to treat COVID 19. “In medicine, we tell people the risk of anything… If people knew the risk of death in a motor vehicle accident every day, fewer people would be driving, and if more patients knew the risk of GI Bleed from taking aspirin, fewer people would be taking aspirin.”

How important is clinical research?

It’s good that you ask. Clinical research allows scientists and doctors to try out new medications, treatments, and procedures so that one day those methods may be used to treat patients. This could be an entirely new treatment/medicine/procedure or it could be one that has been around for a long time but used to treat something else. The possibility of helping patients who may have nowhere else to turn is one of the reasons that Dr. Sabine Hazan does what she does.

Dr. Hazan is a specialist in gastroenterology, internal medicine, and hepatology, and founder & CEO of the Malibu Specialty Center and Ventura Clinical Trials. She spent time in numerous medical fields before settling on GI Medicine as her path forward. Not only is she a doctor, but she is a mother and a wife… a real-life superhero. What she is uncovering with her research is that our Microbiome has a lot to say about how healthy or unhealthy we are as human beings.

Scientists and medical practitioners are always looking for the next big thing, new innovative treatments, immunotherapy, gene therapy, novel antibiotics……. but what if there were more things to look at? More ways to treat a person without inventing something new? 

Why is it that in 2021 we are shying away from treatments like fecal transplants, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine that were used safely and successfully in the past?

It might sound like crazy talk, but in the 4th century in China, medical doctor Ge Hong was able to treat diarrhea in his patients with “Yellow Soup”. It wasn’t made from peppers, lemons, or lentils ... NOPE! This “Yellow Soup” was made from the feces of a healthy person and used to treat someone who was unhealthy. As gross as it is, IT WORKED, and before you say that you would never consume the feces of another person, today doctors can give it without making poop soup.

If the patient is dying and you, THE DOCTOR, have options of medications that may help, why do you allow media to deter you from using something that has proven useful in the past? Ivermectin was used to treat babies with scabies, so why is it no longer considered safe? Hydroxychloroquine has been used for 60 years to treat ailments like malaria and autoimmune diseases so why the big fuss about considering using it for COVID 19? Each human being has a unique set of bacteria living in their gut and the trick to treating patients may just be to look at them as an individual and not just as a list of ailments.

We at Physician Outlook Magazine encourage doctors to step back and look at their patients as individuals. Research treatments of the past and explore their validity today. Look at the treatment plans around the world and see them as the options that they can be for those that nothing has worked for. But the most important thing, stop letting the media and politicians tell you how to treat your patients when you, THE DOCTOR, know better.

Would you like to read more about Dr. Hazan, check out her article on TOPDOCTOR Magazine Cracking the Code on Microbiomes: An Interview with Dr. Sabine Hazan (

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