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Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

80% of all health care issues can be resolved through a local doctor’s office. Patients who see a DPC physician have a +40% reduction in ER utilization and a +19% reduction in hospitalization. Sometimes it is easier to care for uninsured patients than it is to care for insured patients!

Healthcare is not a perfect system and the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, a non-profit led by Dr. Lee Gross MD, is working to find better solutions for the problems facing America. The Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation was founded by physicians who have worked in Direct Primary Care (DPC); these doctors have looked at the most significant issues with healthcare and have developed solutions. The biggest focus is on the price of healthcare. Many Americans struggle with how high the price of healthcare has become, and the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation has made a “Doctors Wish List for Health Care Reform” in which they speak to the changes that should be made to help lower prices. Dr. Gross also introduced Mitigate Partners to DeSoto Memorial Hospital and provides DPC to the hospital, a connection every hospital should have!

The Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation (D4PCF) is a 501(c)3 nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to unleashing human ingenuity in health care. D4PCF is the only health care policy think tank whose board is composed of practicing physicians who possess hands-on, practical knowledge of the American health care system. Through hosting conferences, publishing original material, producing a weekly radio show, and serving as a respected resource, D4PCF accomplishes its mission of advancing health care freedom and empowering patients.

Not only does Dr. Gross lead Docs 4 Patient Care, but he also co-founded and is senior Vice President of Epiphany Health, a DPC practice located in North Port and Arcadia, Florida. Like other DPC practices, Epiphany Health focuses on the patient, making sure they are able to get the care they need when they need it for a low monthly subscription. The practice is able to create a relationship between doctor and patient and focus on patient care instead of the red tape of insurance companies. As a passionate health care professional in the North Port area, Dr. Gross is also a founding member of the North Port Community Health Action Team, a team working to improve health and wellness throughout the community.

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