Artist: Lucie Mitchell, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, Artist

Dr. Lucie Mitchell:About the Artist

As a physician Dr. Mitchell spends her days healing patients with painful back conditions. She has combines her love for art and the human spine into a collection of digital abstract art that is featured in hospitals, physician offices. Physician Outlook Magazine was honored to feature her work throughout an issue in 2022.

Cover Artist Dr. Lucie Mitchell is a board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician and Interventional Spine and Pain Specialist. She attended College of the Holy Cross as an undergraduate and received her medical degree from PCOM Georgia. She is an artist, educator and founder of Phoenix Noir Designs and Photography. She turns images of human spines into beautiful abstract artwork in addition to creating original abstract paintings using acrylic paints.

Art is a universal language in Dr. Mitchell’s eyes. The act of speaking is not required to express how a piece of art makes a person feel. She has been creating art for over 15 years, but has specifically ventured into abstract spines over the past four years.

The pandemic definitely played a role in her becoming more active in her creative work. Art allowed her to escape the unknowns and the feelings of burnout as a result of the pandemic. This was, and continues to be, her great escape while continuing to utlize a vital piece of herself to come up with different concepts. Art has revitalized her love for medicine. She is able to step out of her comfort zone and embrace the fear of being uncomfortable. Art is beautiful and it is her way to offer beauty through pain from the pandemic and beyond. 

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A Poem by Dr. Lucie Mitchell (written during the height of the COVID19 pandemic)

The importance of Touch.

There are times when there's nothing left to we think. The act of touching ones hand, or placing your hand on a shoulder or knee when all seems to be futile is enough. It speaks volumes. However, this pandemic has left us Isolated. Vulnerable. Isolated physically, socially and mentally. A hug, a high five, dapping up homeboy or homegirl is something of the past. The once kind gesture of Touch is now seen as a threat. It can spread disease. If you want to get back to something that we've taken for granted all these years then we must learn wash our hands, wear our mask and get vaccinated for those of us without contraindications.

This is deadly. You should be worried. I am worried.



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