What The Heart Can See

Artist: Luke Lin, MD, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Luke Lin, Cover Artist, Volume 6 Physician Outlook

We want to recognize the outstanding work of the physicians who are also artists by featuring their work on our covers. If you are a physician and an artist who would like to share your work, let us know!

Dr. Luke Lin is currently pursuing an Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center after having completed his residency at the New York Presbyterian Hospital in Queens, New York.  He practices by the philosophy of "work hard, play hard," and Emergency Medicine is the perfect "lifestyle specialty" for him.  During his spare time, Luke enjoys creating artwork with acrylic paint and spray paint as his preferred mediums.  

Medicine is both an art and a science.  In addition to explaining medical concepts to patients, a physician has to be skilled in communicating with patients on an emotional and spiritual level. That's why you can often find Luke at the patient's bedside with a pen and paper, sketching anatomical diagrams for patients with compassionate care. 

In the world of street art Dr. Lin goes by the name of "Luke Dragon." In 2015, Luke founded a non-profit organization called the "Dragon School" in Oakland, California which curated public murals by the local community and overseas artists. Many of Luke Dragon's personal murals can be found along Grant Street in San Francisco's Chinatown. 

Although the Dragon School project is no longer active, Luke continues to pursue aerosal art. He is currently working with the Museum of Urban Art to create a series of stylized anatomical diagrams.  

You can follow Dr. Lin on Instagram @LukeDragon911.  

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