Give Thanks, Eat What You Want

Give Thanks, Eat What You Want

Health looks different on everyone. A pre-Thanksgiving break assignment asking students to track all of their holiday meal calories does very little to promote health and may actually HARM students. High school student Lindsey Holt, daughter of physician Dr. Melissa Hawkins-Holt and nutritionist and fitness expert Stephen Holt, wisely calls out the absurdity of the assignment.

I speak up about what I believe in. 

This picture

is an assignment that was given at my school for health class, asking us to track the calories in our Thanksgiving meal. 

“Oh and don’t forget to count beverages and desserts.” I am disappointed in my school district for assigning this as it can be harmful to those suffering or recovering from an Eating Disorder. And all this assignment does is lead to poor relationships with food. 

First of all, health is not just about your body but is also about your mind.

 And not to mention- health looks different on everyone. 

Obsessing over calories, especially on a holiday, is NOT a healthy mindset. Trust me, I’ve been there. I used to track every single calorie and say “oh on Thanksgiving I will be eating a lot, so I’ll just skip meals leading up to the holiday.” This did nothing but lead to unhealthy habits, a bad mindset, and a poor relationship with food. Getting out of this mindset was (and still is) a process. But what does not help with this process of having a healthy relationship with food is giving assignments like this to students. 

You do not need to eat less this week to “save up.” Nor do you need to exercise more.

You are already enough and you don’t need to change. 

Just enjoy your holiday. 

I encourage everyone to post a picture of yourself enjoying food like we ALL should this Thanksgiving. 

No guilt. No shame. No calorie counting. 

So how about instead of obsessing over calories in our Thanksgiving meal, we obsess over our loved ones, the time we get to spend with them, and the conversations we have with them? 

And while we’re at it, why don’t we get this type of assignment out of all school curriculums? 


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