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Green Eggs and (Ham) Chickens?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving..a story about the Big Green Egg

Novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, was declared a global pandemic. Originating in bats in the city of Wuhan, China, the virus attacks the lungs, causing fevers, coughing, and shortness of breath. However, as the virus has also been found to lodge in the small intestine, other symptoms including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea have also been reported. But let’s not worry about that because we are here to talk about the gastro-friendly BIG GREEN EGG (BGE).




The BGE is a kamado-style oven for pizzas, BBQ or smoking meats and cheeses.  Its ceramic design lends itself to a consistent grilling or smoking temperature by design. You can cook a leg of lamb with rosemary and potatoes or have spatchcocked chickens with baby back ribs.  It even has a special pizza stone insert to make wood-fired pizzas in your own backyard!




We, being my wife and I, didn’t pay a cent for our new BGE. We were gifted this beautiful piece of ceramic culinary cooking delight. How, you might ask?  Well, as the story goes, let’s call him Jim, burned himself so badly on the initial lighting that he nearly went to the hospital, which also meant he would never use it again. (Note that when used properly the BGE is in fact quite safe.)  His wife, lets call her Marlene, my wife’s cousin, was spending more time at our lake house than I was because of her travels… yes, even with the COVID-19 restrictions, as she is a doctor. Marlene asked her husband to bring the BGE to our house.  Like we needed another useless POS taking up space in our garage. I called Jim, AKA Jersey, and told him to bring that POS BGE and get your wife,  AKA Maddog’s mom, out of here by the weekend.




Jim proceeded to make his way to our house on a Wednesday to set up the BGE on our back patio. He taught me the nuances of just lighting the grill, and how to avoid burning my face off during cooking.  Our first meal was two Spatchcocked chickens.  Spatchcocked chickens are birds that have their backbone taken out and splayed. These chickens are never turned and cook bone side down. My wife, lets call her Tits, marinated them.  One was a Bobby Flay recipe with lots of garlic, lemon and thyme, and the other a delectable NYS Fair Cornell University recipe, Marlene’s alma mater. Both birds were about five pounds each and cooked at 350 degrees for an hour. Effortless on the BGE. The meal was finished with red beans and rice and cucumber tomato salad.  One of the most delectable meals we have had in a long time.




Maddog, aka Marlene and Jim’s daughter, has already selected recipes for her next visit to the lake.  I think next on the menu might just be that keg of lamb.  Oops, might have had one too many beers, but you get the gist…grilling with this ceramic beauty is effortless.



Grill On, with good spirits, family and friends.  And the BGE. 


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