Harlem Grown - How do you assist children who aren’t sure  how fruits and vegetables are grown?

Harlem Grown - How do you assist children who aren’t sure how fruits and vegetables are grown?

This question must have been asked by Tony Hillery, the Founder and CEO of Harlem Grown, a non-profit focused on youth development and urban agriculture. Harlem Grown is leading the way to healthy eating by teaching youth how to grow their own food. The organization is also focused on sustainability by utilizing once abandoned lots and turning them into community farms and gardens.

Imagine living in a city and not experiencing the growth of food from start to finish, then having the opportunity to walk onto an urban farm. Imagine being able to see the plants, smell the tomatoes, taste the fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. This is something many children in Harlem have not been able to experience.  

Harlem Grown is deeply involved in the Harlem community and has a variety of programs for children like Saturdays on the farm, and farm-based education Tours. For adults, there are corporate service projects and adult volunteer days. If that was not enough to make you love this growing organization, you should check out their summer camp. The camp offers kids an opportunity to explore the outdoors, become educated farmers, and taste and love the foods they grow. Harlem Grown’s summer camp is free to all participants and open to children 7 – 14 years old. Former campers are often hired as Counselors in Training for the summer camp which allows them to spend more time with the organization. 

There is no better way to teach teens about the difference they can make in the lives of others, than by giving them a chance to work with those in their community.  

Now that you have read this far, perhaps you are sitting there wondering how you can help. What can you do to help change this small corner of the world? The answer is easy. You can donate to Harlem Grown online and put your hard-earned dollars where your heart is. 

If you want to do more than send in what you can spare, consider the Harlem Grows Employee Matching Gift program. Many employers allow their employees to take a portion of each paycheck and donate that to a non-profit organization doing great work. Here is your opportunity to suggest an organization to your employer that you believe in. Better yet, if you are the employer, reach out to Harlem Grown and give your staff the opportunity to help a growing business change its corner of the world.

To learn more about Harlem Grown, visit them at www.harlemgrown.org 

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