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Dr. Siatta Dumbar is a Board-Certified family physician, health coach, weight-loss expert, and author with fellowship training in sports medicine and is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She is focused on four pillars to help her patients achieve their optimal health, which are clean nutrition, healthy motion, stress reduction, and restorative sleep.

In the interview with myDoqter staff, Dr. Dumbar tells us how she became interested in this whole-person approach to medicine. She focuses on understanding where her patients are standing regarding their health and wellness and their predisposition to change. Primary care sports medicine is usually the entry point for most patients. She then incorporates her family medicine training, health coaching, and lifestyle medicine counseling to lead her patients to understand how nutrition affects their current diagnosis.

   She also agrees that physicians should lead medical technology, given that it is they who have the expertise and value the patient’s overall wellbeing as their primary motivation. In this regard, she started the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPe). SoPe’s primary mission is to empower physicians and other professionals to innovate healthcare through entrepreneurship. Innovation requires the work of a multi-disciplinary team that includes physicians in the discussion.

   In terms of specific PRP and biologics treatments, she maintains that even though they are growing, it is essential to be judicious when giving guidance. She supports the use of PRP to treat pain and improve function in mild to moderate arthritis. Dr. Dumbar offers details on when she uses PRP injections as part of treatment, for instance, chronic tendinopathy. However, she is meticulous in discussing the risks, benefits, and expected outcomes with her patients.

   At the same time, Dr. Dumbar gives great importance to the fundamental factors of health. She holds that we all can own our health. When she treats a patient with, for example, knee pain due to osteoarthritis and they have co-existing obesity, high blood pressure, or diabetes, she takes the opportunity to educate her patient on how these other conditions can affect their treatment options. Dr. Dumbar’s goal is to create optimal health through coaching and lifestyle medicine.

   After exploring her options, she also mentioned why she chose the Direct Pay Model for her practice. This model allows her to connect directly with her patients avoiding the middleman and, by doing so, lowering costs and providing cost transparency. Dr. Dumbar encourages all physicians who want to start their practices to reach out to other physicians who already own the kind of practice they want and honor their desires.


   Dr. Dumbar has learned that true healing involves focusing on both the root cause of their patient’s concerns and symptoms. In her practice, she provides physician-led personal coaching to achieve orthopedic health and wellness.


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