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Healthcare Reform is Challenging Wall Street

The best part of Mitigate Partners’ Employer-Built Plans is that often employees have little to no out-of-pocket cost for care!

In the heat of a pandemic, healthcare reform is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Insurance providers are dictating to Doctors how to treat their patients. Patients are being pushed into doing things that they would prefer not to do. Schools, businesses, families, and individuals are faced with the questions:

How do we move forward?

Are they really putting our well-being first?

What’s next?

Carl C. Schuessler Jr., DHP, DIA, GBDS knows what’s next. In fact, he built the FairCo$t Health Plan often refered to as The Employer-Built Healthcare Benefit Plan. This plan doesn’t focus on how much money Mitigate Partners can make, but how much money it can save its clients. In essence, this concierge service is giving a level of hands-on management that we haven’t seen before in the insurance industry. In every way putting the patient-doctor relationship first.

Carl was selected in the first group of 30 forward-leaning Benefits Advisors in the U.S. to participate as a Charter Member of the Certification Program for Benefits Advisors. The program, known as Health Rosetta, is a blueprint of best practices for intelligently purchasing health benefits that have been sourced from the most forward-leaning benefits purchasers of all types around the country. The Health Rosetta Accredited Advisor Program is an exclusive ecosystem of healthcare advisors who have illustrated exceptional transparency, innovation, and execution in the areas of risk management, employee benefits, and high-performance plan design.

Featured in Forbes, Carl, and Barry Murphy shed light on the hard work of Mitigate Partners and their brethren. Focusing on actively managing health plans and how acting as a Population health Manager instead of traditional brokers saves money in all the right places. In a special edition of Bold TV, Philip Michael and Carl had the opportunity to talk about what makes Mitigate Partners so different from the traditional BUCAH providers.

There are many people that benefit from increasing prices in the health insurance industry and the losers are the employers and their employees. In traditional health insurance, the focus has been on making a profit for investors and raising the valuation of the company
on Wall Street. In an Employer-Built plan, the focus is on targeting and mitigating costs. It’s about having Benefit Advisors on hand to promote patients advocating for themselves. Mitigate Partners isn’t focusing on their own bottom line, but the bottom line of every client. It is their mission to help employers save money on healthcare and take the best care possible of their employees.

Mitigate Partners is clear about costs and is upfront about pricing. Even more transparent than industry requirements, Carl believes that it is crucial to successful care that clients know the cost of medical services upfront so that they can make informed decisions. DeSoto Memorial Hospital was able to cut healthcare costs by 54% ($1.2 Million), and the Gasparilla Inn & Club saved 34% over 3 years ($1.8 Million). Both companies were able to continue providing their staff with top-notch care.

Carl says that employers must have courage and think outside of the box. The BUCAHs (big five health insurance providers, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana) aren’t the right choice for everyone. In many cases, employers can save money while simultaneously providing better benefits and better levels of care by looking at all their options, and Mitigate Partners is a great option.

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