The High Goal

The High Goal

In his latest blog, Dr. Zollinger compares how playing basketball can be just like achieving your goals. That feeling of dunking the basket is much like achieving a goal. No matter how many attempts it takes to reach the basket you’ll eventually score and you will achieve your goals as long as you stick with it. Although it may take a while, never give up on achieving your goals cause eventually your shot will make it through the basket.

So here I was at the Outer Banks, at the beach where we have gone for years. I have a buddy and his family who every year make the 13-14 hour trek from Western Michigan to Morehead City. They have been doing this for over 25 years plus. Even though the kids are older they all still want to return.

Well just like clockwork, sure as the sun will rise and set, he rolls out the portable basketball goal from the garage and sets it up. Of course most of the driveways are made of gravel, so he rolls it out onto the street and establishes our arena. Then you have to find rocks and bricks and cinder blocks! Anything you can find to stabilize the base. Now understand the setup looks like it was constructed by the architect at Pisa and there is always a slight lean to the entire hoop.

Then comes the AHA! moment when the first recruiting is undertaken. Understand I feel at my age like Charlie Brown in the selection process. Ok, which old men and young men/women are willing to take to this exquisite arena of hardtop in 90 plus degree heat and play basketball?

Here in lies the drift. Gene Hackman was never called in to measure the height of the basket. If you remember the famous scene from the movie “Hoosiers” the baskets at Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis measured 10 feet exactly! In the famous scene Coach [Gene Hackman] lets the players know that their goals are achievable if they just break it down and approach it simply.

So back to the beach basketball game. Well you see the rim there measured easily 12 feet up in the air!! To dunk was a physical impossibility and Shaq was not available. Even to hit a jump shot took great concentration and desire. No matter how high the GOAL, it can always appear to be just beyond our reach.

Persistence is the KEY. The goals are yours The higher the rim the longer it may take to “hit” your shot. There are very few slam dunks! But over 25 years that basket gets dragged out and the games always resume no matter what. Try to remember and picture in your mind the “GOAL” you are striving to achieve. With perseverance and practice I bet you get there! Always enjoy the game and the journey to “hit your basket!!”

-Dr. Z



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