Hispanic Outlook


Today you held me hostage. Dr. Wilder reminds us how important it is to enjoy those little moments of captivity.

Today you held me hostage.

Two hours of my life. Stranded. Stuck.

I couldn't do anything more than lay, still, staring.

At you.


Examining your perfect eyelashes. Listening to the mouse-like whimpers that escaped from your being every few minutes. Breathing in your sweet breath as our noses sat one inch away from each other. Feeling your warm chunky palm stroke my cheek every now and then. As if to remind me that even in your sleep you wanted me close.


In my head, I ran through the list of things I was supposed to be doing. How my “vacation” was being sucked up with everything but what I needed to get done.


As I lay there, almost cramping from laying so still for fear of waking you, it became clear...


When I am in my next 6-hour case. When I yet again have to miss bath time and bedtime. When I can’t be there to snuggle you the next time you are sick. I will think back on these two hours that you gifted me. And thank you silently for holding me captive. 

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