The Importance of Self Discipline

The Importance of Self Discipline

Dr. Bell stresses the importance of self discipline and how you can fall into a daily grind without it. Have you ever fallen into such a groove that you lose track of time and tuned out the world around you? Working indoors for long periods of time can put you in a rut if you don’t execute self discipline. You can better organize all aspects of your life in order to feel more energized and relaxed simply by setting limits or making time for the things that you enjoy. Self discipline can help you control your life so don’t monopolize all the precious time you have.

One of the hazards of working (or spending a good deal of time) indoors is that it is very easy to lose track of time.  If you don’t set limits or make time for exercise or simply get out of the house, falling into a rut can occur without warning. 

A certain amount of discipline is needed to stay energized.  People tend to perform and feel better in general when they have a reason to get out of bed each day.  Establishing a home-based daily routine isn’t much different than if commuting to an office were involved, and in theory, should be less stressful.  What happens though, is that some of the stress involved in getting to work on time can be a great motivator, and when no longer a factor, can result in a loss of focus.  

Taking 10-20 minutes at the start of each day to mentally organize or rehearse how you envision your day is a powerful process. Meditation, prayer, or any other quiet time is not only spiritually beneficial but requires discipline that helps keep you motivated and productive.  

We are creative by nature and falling into the trap of becoming passive versus active stifles an inherent need in all of us.   Limit the TV time.  Limit social media.  Answer emails during specific hours.  In other words, set limits on the things that can steal your time.  Time, after all, is our most precious commodity and you must manage, nurture and protect it.  

Not doing so can result in a loss of control and a sense of helplessness that in reality is brought on by not taking control in the first place.

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