The Importance of Struggle

The Importance of Struggle

By embracing our struggles we can appreciate our success all the more. Struggles don’t automatically mean failure. Through our struggles we learn and grow, shaping us along the way. Instead of dwelling on the negative, start recognizing the positive. Find the strength to trust the process and have faith that your struggles will lead you to the greatness you have always desired.

Many of us enjoy a glass of wine or even some other distilled spirits on occasion. How often do we stop to think about the process that went into creating the treat we are about to imbibe? If we happened to have purchased a bottle of whatever libation we are about to partake in, chances are we looked at the label to see when it was bottled or distilled.  We appreciate the importance of aging, and why not rushing things makes for a superior product.  We may not realize that within the time frame from harvest to pour, the events that have occurred along the way.

Those of us who have reached a certain age (some refer to us as “boomers”, others think of us as old!) have many things in common beyond our years. Guaranteed that anyone who has lived any significant amount of time understands what it is to struggle. We all struggle in multiple areas of our lives and at times, it is overwhelming. The struggle is hard, it shapes us, and it never ends.

Embracing struggle then is the challenge. The importance of struggle cannot be marginalized as it is the reason we can appreciate success, a good day, the love of another, or the achievement that comes from practicing a task. The struggle is the precursor to better. I once read a quote that stated, “sucking at something is the first step towards becoming good at it”.  Such a true and powerful statement.

Why then do we often curse struggle? It is not fun to struggle at anything. The struggle is often associated with failure and no one wants to admit failure regardless of whether it is while playing a game of checkers or building a career.

The reality is that during the struggle, there is no failure. Failure is nothing more than life lessons, that if applied, make us better for whatever comes next. When failure as we perceive it occurs, do we run from it or do we use it to assess what led to it?  Too often, we choose to avoid situations that may lead to failure or to run from circumstances when the result is not what we wanted.

The rewards that come after navigating through difficult times make the struggle not only worthwhile but provide additional lessons. Achievement after a struggle very often provides an opportunity for a moment of clarity that reveals to us that many things do not happen on our timetable, but because they do not, we are better off and that there are usually reasons they did not.

How do you learn to recognize the positives of struggle and to persist when things feel hopeless?  That part is up to you.  Just understand that we are all a work in progress and our stories are still being written.  Ask yourself then, would you want to drink from a bottle that contains grape juice but is labeled wine, or would you seek out the final product that is the result of years of struggle, persistence, and patience?  There are no shortcuts. Strength comes from enduring and meeting the challenges of the struggle. You must trust the process and have faith in yourself.

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