It is During our Darkest Moments that We Must Focus to See the Light.

It is During our Darkest Moments that We Must Focus to See the Light.

Dr. Hailey Amick reminds us via her poetry that... It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.---Aristotle.

Being in the dark is frightening.

Most of our defenses are rendered useless, most of our capabilities are gone.

We cast our eyes about uselessly, blind to threats.

We trip and stumble where we once strode sure-footed.

Directions are disoriented, control is lost.

Fear comes quickly when we cannot see.

Loneliness is never far behind.

As the darkness grows and threats of the unknown taunt and threaten to overwhelm you, I would remind you of some important entities that we don't need our eyes to see:

Hope. Love. Goodwill.

The incorporeal universalities that the human eye has never beheld but exist all the same.

The things you can feel.

These are what must orient you in the darkness.

These are the things we can create and propagate.

We can help our neighbors.

We can provide our professional services as able.

We can give words of encouragement.

We can be kind.

Support local businesses.

Form networks to assist neighbors.

Donate blood.

Donate money.

Though we stumble in the dark, it won’t be quite as frightening if we hold hands.

And never forget what it is that beckons the human soul forth in darkness.



It’s up to us all to create it.




Poem by Dr. Hailey Amick, Tennessee
Image credits: Hans Braxmeier, Pixabay


In celebration of National Physicians Week with Physicians Working Together


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