It’s All Up In The Air

Artist: Ayushi Chugh, MD, Neurologist

It’s All Up In The Air

Prophetic poetry inspired by COVID-19

Life vs Livelihood

Medicine vs Economy,

Heart or the Mind

....Never an easy decision


Madding Crowd vs Sound of Silence,

Fireworks vs FireSkies,

Faces or Facades,

Nothing is ever in Black or White,

Oh Decisions, decisions...


Frontlines vs Last Lines,

To Admit...or Not? Which is safer? And for Whom?

Ethics vs Academics,

Not an easy decision...


Save a life, but who’s first?

Who Saved Whom?

Masks vs Vents,

Breath of Fresh Air vs High Flow Oxygen,

Virus vs Ignorance, any Panacea out there?

Of Dilemmas and more,


Only One thing isn’t for Us to decide,

Inhale vs ....Exhale..

Breath in, or, well...Breath Out?

For it’s all ‘Up in the Air’!


With Life, come decisions,

Without Life?...what remains?

Records broken, of the wrong kind,

Tough Decisions. Indeed.

In Whose Hands?

Hands that are throwing up in Despair!

For it’s just ‘All up in the Air. 

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