The Journey of a Million Lives

Artist: Douna Montazer, MD, Psychiatrist

The Journey of a Million Lives

Endless rows of yellow door caddies signifying isolation COVID rooms up to the horizon. Choose your Horizons wisely.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Aboard Planet Ship’s new revelation,
Sadly, your Train has left the station.
This is your Navigator announcing overhead,
The temperature outside is a hundred degrees
Yet, the Virus has taken flight instead.

Welcome to a sad Phoenix,Miami, and yes..
Houston, we have a serious problem!
So fasten your seat belts,
Mask up, before your mask your kin,
As turbulence predicted ahead...

Sailing on rough seas,
Unchartered territories,
If only you could surmise,
through my eyes,
As windows to this New World
Sad horizon of yellow door caddies unfurled

Beware as Happy hours transition to Whine o’clock,
Hearts pulsating, as Time ticking tock..
Your doctor, your soul navigator on the go,
For there is only so much we can do,

Laser focused minds, only so many brains can fix,
As so many kidneys, lungs, hearts go amiss
It’s all in your Human hands,
Brothers, sisters, moms and dads,

If you can breathe in, if you can breathe out,
That’s all you need be thankful about.
Choose wisely your horizons & stations,
Still time to detour to a healed destination

Long road ahead, buckle up and prep,
For the journey of a million lives,
On a journey of a million miles,
begins beneath your step.

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