Let’s Talk About. . . . Women & Sexual Dysfunction

Let’s Talk About. . . . Women & Sexual Dysfunction

Have you ever experienced a lack of sexual desire, but for a long, LONG time? Maybe to the point where you’re concerned that you do not have any sexual interest at all? Well, if you have experienced this, you may be suffering from sexual dysfunction or Female Sexual Arousal Disorder.

This is exactly what it sounds like, in which someone has a lack of interest and arousal for sexual encounters. According to the book Our Sexuality,  written by Robert Crooks, Karla Baur, and Laura Widman, in order to be diagnosed with female sexual dysfunction, one must experience at least three of these symptoms on an ongoing basis: lack of interest in engaging in sexual activity, lack of sexual thoughts/fantasies, does not want to initiate sexual activity or turns it down when offered, lack of excitement during sexual activity, lack of sexual interest from external and internal cues, and lack of satisfaction from genital or non-genital stimulations in sexual activity.

Don’t worry though! Low libido is something that can be easily cured through simple steps. Fortunately for women struggling with this, Dr. Lyndsay Harper, an Associate Professor of Ob/Gyn for Texas A&M College of Medicine, has created a business that can help one’s sexual interest come back in a fun and holistic way. Rosy Wellness is a platform that provides educational videos, self-help classes, erotica, and community to help talk about sexual health and wellness. Rosy Wellness also provides a telehealth service where women can get expert advice about their sexual health and treatment.

Rosy states that about 43% of women have sexual problems (so it is very likely you may know someone who struggles from one!). The sexual wellness business by Harper offers multiple platforms for women to educate themselves on sexuality and how to increase their low sex drive. The videos provided answer all your questions from pleasure to low libido, to body image. The classes on Rosy are created by doctors and psychologists, offering tools and tips for women to excel in their sexual wellness journey. Erotica stories that range from sci-fi to romance can show every woman the amount of spice and warmth they need to help with their sexual desires in over 50 sexy stories. Lastly, all women are invited to join a community of thousands of females where they can ask questions, share stories, give tips, and help with any concerns regarding sexual health.

This all sounds so amazing, right? Well, there’s more! Rosy Telehealth helps over 84 million women struggling with sexual wellness problems and offers doctor or expert help. To get started, women interested should download the app, Rosy-Women’s Sexual Health.

Once downloaded, create an account, and then choose treatment options you would like to pursue. These treatments can be anything from low sexual desire, menopause, trouble with orgasms, contraception, and more. From these options, Rosy will make a match based on your needs, or if that does not sound appealing, you can browse the app on your own. The final steps include making an appointment, then talking to your very own sexual health expert, and finishing off with supplemental appointments. First-timers can even receive $20 off their first appointment with the code MYFIRSTTIME.

With Rosy, there is no way one cannot overcome their low libido. The help and expertise provided offer a community that is supportive, friendly, and caring. Even if you aren’t struggling with sexual dysfunction, Rosy is a great way to explore your sexual life and find out pleasures that are right for you and your partner. So, what are you waiting for?

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