Life Changer

Life Changer

Dr. Dunec attended the 2021 Brave Enough Women's Conference and wanted to share a few words about her experience.

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My first thought when I received the Brave Enough Conference pictures  was — Dr. Sasha Schoville Shillcutt is someone to whom I want to dedicate an entire post.

She has changed my life.

I feel like a broken record on this topic but it’s true. And so I will say it over and over again. The power of 1.

She is 1.

Not only has she changed my life, but she has changed the lives of so many others. So many women I now get to do life with. Being in the public eye comes with tremendous pressure and responsibility. She shoulders that every day.

I am grateful she does because without her leadership and vision, I’d be in a different place. Many people reach out to me in different ways sharing the impact I have on their lives (which I always much appreciate). Sasha and BE are part of the reason I get to do what I do. This is how the chain works. Everyone tries their best, it makes an even larger splash. To anyone who thinks their impact isn’t great enough — nonsense.

Show up. Rise up. Level up.

You never know who is watching. You never know who needs exactly you. Sasha takes away from her family and herself to be a leader. It can be lonely in moments at the top. So today, I toast Sasha. And all the visionaries who choose others in many moments over themselves.

And I believe this deeply: in our choosing of others, we ultimately choose ourselves!


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