Life Is But A Song!

Life Is But A Song!

There is a song beneath the song of everyday life that keeps us going. Dr. Zollinger sings us a song of melody to inspire us to move along and rise up to challenges whether you’re living on a prayer, if you got love on the brain or just looking for a good time. Embracing the notes and lyrics of our favorite songs provides us with a cause for celebration by bringing joy to the world and giving us a reason to smile. When life gives you hell, create your own island in the stream and remember happy days will be here again. Your favorite songs never go out of style.

I started thinking about music and how it is all about life from notes to lyrics. Some of the greatest songs were written in the shower, or the middle of the night on a bus, or a train or a plane. So, as I was 

leaving on a jet plane, it got me thinking. Would it help to clear out our mental cobwebs and set a positive tone if I were to write an entire piece using the titles of famous songs?  We all feel better when we sing a favorite song, right? Sorry if this just brings a sigh but it’s a fun exercise, just try it!

So, there I was at the beach under the boardwalk when a thought came to me. I had been running on empty from the stresses at home and at work. Well, welcome to the jungle and I know, maybe it’s just my uptown funk, but lest we forget, I will survive! As I continued my walk along the beach, I saw that I was born to run, because of the purple haze on the horizon and the newly beginning rain. In fact, I could visualize a stairway to heaven. This was my future, our future, somewhere over the rainbow. God only knows that sometimes we have lost that loving feeling. So yesterday has come and gone and every breath you take I hope will lead to some good vibrations in your thoughts and in your lives.

You may ask what is going on?  Well, it’s like a bridge over troubled water but God only knows that my generation is dancing in the streets hoping that the respect we all cherish will return to our daily lives and households. It’s a family affair and I need you and yours to stand by me. Remember not to leave folks to twist in the winds! So, remember sometimes there ain’t no sunshine till it’s gone and whether you were born in the USA or not and believe in wide open spaces there is no need to rely on the sounds of silence.

So, say goodbye to the yellow brick road, and the wizard, and the curtain because we are all just candles in the wind! There are no magic questions or answers, just an open road with beautiful wildflowers that give us a lust for life. Remember let’s stay together because there isn’t a river deep or a mountain high enough to stop us. If we believe first and foremost in ourselves, self-love!

Just remember I heard it through the grapevine that the times they are a changing!

Sing along as you read this, I bet it brings a smile to your face and a song to your heart!


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