LRT Humor-Dr. Marion Mass

Artist: Vic Guiza, Cartoonist

LRT Humor-Dr. Marion Mass

Hospital Costs and Treatment - Anything Funny About This? Dr. Marion Mass Doesn’t Think So. That’s Why She is in The Funnies!

Dr. Marion Mass as our superhero #2 in a series that we will be publishing.

Given the egregious faults found within America’s dysfunctional medical system, and the attention that Dr. Mass has attracted as a physician-advocate in her rethinking of America’s healthcare, we couldn’t have found a better (almost militant) candidate.

Dr. Mass is co-founder and Executive VP of The Practicing Physicians of America, an organization that advocates for patients by – what else – advocating for the profession of medicine. As they describe themselves: “We advocate that physicians (be able to) practice medicine that is in the best interest of their patients and not for the benefit of special interest groups that have taken over medicine.” see the full "TOON" visit Let's ReThinkThis.

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