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“D.o.”Ing Medical School

They weren’t kidding when they said… it never stops. In all aspects of life, I feel my never ending responsibilities piling up. The school work is constant, but so are the stresses that come outside of school. Loans and finances, making connections in fields I am interested in, extracurriculars to stay in touch with my passions, and the pressure of “building a resume.” With boards moving to a pass/fail system, the current talk is about how important other things will be to making yourself a competitive applicant - and with that, a lot of stress has accompanied the transition. I am fed 15+ hours of dense lecture material a week (and double/triple that time to study it!), 1-2 labs a week, occasional long zoom meetings for our wellness and medical humanities courses, but I am also expected to do things outside of school.

The things outside of school can quickly break you down if you are doing them to just do them. I have learned the importance of only taking on things that are important and interesting to me because this makes spending time on them enjoyable and it makes my study time more productive!

This summer is my only extended time off … everyone calls it “the last summer.” I am excited to engage in what that truly makes me happy. I will be teaching at our high school summer program. I have been in contact with Dr. Sabine Hazan, an esteemed and innovative researcher whose current focuses include the microbiome and COVID-19, and I am trying to set up some shadowing in fields that interest me. I recently learned about Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and I hope to find some mentors in the field. Lastly, I am going to spend the rest of my 5 weeks of summer relaxing. Sitting by the pool, listening to music and hopefully not having flashbacks to learning the Krebs Cycle :)

I hope you all get some time this summer to do something for YOU. 

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