National Women Physician Day

National Women Physician Day

This is a poem dedicated to those female physicians who have sacrificed part of their lives to help and save others. To them, we dedicate these words, and celebrate National Women Physicians Day.

Female physician, symbol of pride and wisdom.


The female physician, a symbol of wisdom,

with her title and coat, shines in the darkness.

She heals and saves lives, regardless of gender,

her skills and dedication, are eternal values.


Her dedication and love, make people trust,

in her expert hand and kind heart.

She is the light in moments of pain and fear,

and her presence brings comfort and hope.


The female physician, a pillar of society,

her hard work, deserves to be valued and recognized.

She is a role model of leadership and strength,

and her legacy, lasts in history, forever.


So today we raise our voice in honor of them,

to all female physicians, who with their work, make a difference.

Thank you for your service and dedication, for making us feel safe,

and for being an example of love and dedication, for all humanity.


Author: Unknown 

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