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Navigating Life’s Storms

We must navigate the storms of life just as we modify ourselves to the changing weather of the seasons. In good times and bad we have the ability to adapt in order to get through and come out the other side stronger than before. Do not become all consumed by the turmoil of life’s ups and downs instead create a path to find your way to shore and make your way to a new horizon. Instead of being scared of surprises and unknowns summon the strength to try something new.


Weather comes and goes like the seasons.  There are storms and earthquakes and winds and fallen trees that come along.  We experience ups and downs with weather, much like we do with the experiences of our lives.  

In some ways we can choose our weather.  We can winter in Phoenix or Miami, or summer in Maine or Michigan.  But even with those choices come the endless surprises and unknowns.  Think about your local TV weatherperson, he or she can never get it totally correct but the report is always delivered with a good-natured smile and a quick flip to traffic.  What other career can you be so successful when it displays so little precision.

Right now we all have that tsunami feeling of despair and the endless feeling of when does this all end! Kind of like Bill Murray in the movie Ground Hog Day, we wake up to the same new routines and frozen outlook of those previous days and weeks.   To quote Monty Python’s John Cleese, perhaps it time “for something completely different “.

We can’t change the weather or the current events of the world, but we can adapt and take care of ourselves and our perceptions of our new norms.  I know the phrase “take care of yourself first” is thrown around quite a bit these days.  But sleep, nutrition, and exercise are important to maintain a healthy body and mind.  And if you are like me, you have cut the cord from television and some social media just to maintain some degree of sanity.  

It’s a good time to do things that serve you better, to try new things that provide more support for a healthy mind and spirit.  Offering a few suggestions, try breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, painting, playing music, taking long walks, etc., they have been proven to help create a more positive mindset.  Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest part.  Having an accountability partner with you can make taking that first step a little easier.  A spouse, a friend or a Coach can be that partner, helping you determine a plan and putting it into action.  

The important thing is to take that first step, learn that new skill, master that technique to better serve you during those inevitable ups and downs life brings your way.  Like a little girl in bright red rain boots, confidently jump in those puddles with both feet. The winds of change are going to blow, harness them to sail your ship to a new shore.  



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