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The New COVID Religions

ZDogg sits down with comedians Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin from TRIGGERnometry to talk about the extreme schools of thought surrounding COVID, from both perspectives. In this short clip, Dr. Z discusses Peter Limberg’s “thesis” and “antithesis” bubble theory, and how the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated assertions fit into these spaces.



[Francis] And I'm on this forum on Facebook called “Left-Wing and Proud”

[Konstantin] Where you belong.

 [Francis] Yeah [laughs] exactly, right? [Zubin laughing] So you can imagine the type of people there, and I saw this post by this one woman, and it actually got to me a little bit, I felt quite upset for her. She went, “I've worn a mask at all times, I'm triple-vaxxed, I'm isolating, I try and stay away from people, I have COVID. What did I do wrong?” And I just thought, you haven't done anything wrong, you've contracted an airborne virus.

[Zubin] You know, what you just pointed – your heart opens for these folks because what it is, is – okay so what's interesting is the religiosity, this idea that we've somehow filled a hole left by the absence of God in the world, now with this new religion in two different bubbles, right? What Peter Limberg calls the “thesis bubble” and the “antithesis bubble”, and each of them is a collective hivemind that's kind of instantiated, that's made by a bunch of individual neurons that kind of look like us holding these [holds up phone], going “like, dislike, share, comment,” right? So this woman clearly was in the thesis bubble, was doing everything – stay home, wear the mask, put the Twitter name that says “I'm Bobby ‘Wear the Mask’ McGee,” and a picture of them [Francis laughs] with a respirator and a Darth Vader mask and all of this, and they're in that tribe. They're signaling that they're in that tribe, and then what happens is, if you actually get COVID, it’s this massive amount of shame because the feedback from that collective brain down to that neuron is “you done f***** up A-A-Ron.” [Konstantine and Francis chuckle] Like, this is not okay, and they feel it, and then it's a kind of defeat. 

Now, what's interesting is, in the other bubble, antithesis, it's the same thing, just now the uncleanness is not getting COVID, the uncleanness is getting vaccinated; having these mRNA particles, lipid nanoparticles, building up in your ovaries causing, you know, infertility, causing myocarditis and all the stuff that is rampant in that particular hivemind. So, both have a religious sort of fervor, and actually, the antithesis crowd adds a Revelations kind of component to it. Like if we can just isolate and show that these people are part of a conspiracy that are doing this for money and power and control, we can end this pandemic, because we can just give people the sacred sacraments of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and so on, whereas the thesis tribe is like “no, no, no, everyone must have the baptism – the baptism of vaccine,” [Francis chuckles] and if you don't get baptized with the vaccine, you are an impure-ator, and must be excommunicated from the tribe, and harshly punished with the scarlet letter of U, unvaccinated, right?

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