Perianesthesia nurse week

Perianesthesia Nurse Week

Peri-Anesthesia Nurse Week is a celebration of the role of peri-anesthesia nurses in the healthcare field. These nurses are responsible for caring for patients before, during, and after surgical procedures and other medical interventions, and play a critical role in ensuring positive outcomes for patients. The week is an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of these nurses, and to raise awareness about the importance of their role in patient care.

Celebration of the Peri-anesthesia Nurse 

According to the American Society for Peri-anesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) this celebration is meant to honor and acknowledge the importance, contribution, and dedication of these professionals in the care of patients before, during, and after surgery. It is also an opportunity to inform the public about the importance of peri-anesthesia and the way peri-anesthesia nurses contribute to patients' quality of life and recovery. But what is peri-anesthesia?

Perioperative nursing is a specialty within nursing that focuses on patient care before, during, and after surgery. In this area, nurses work closely with anesthesiologists and surgeons to ensure the patient receives the best possible care during their surgical experience. The routine they generally perform with the patient is divided into three stages: Before surgery, it's the time when these nurses help prepare the patient, conducting a thorough assessment of their health. They review their medical records, medications, and allergies to ensure the patient is ready for surgery. Additionally, they provide information about the procedure and respond to any questions or concerns the patient and their family may have about the procedure and their care.

During surgery, they are responsible for constantly monitoring the patient's condition, monitoring their vital signs, and collaborating with the anesthesiologists in the administration and regulation of medications and sedation. They are also in the operating room proactively and as support in case of any complications or anomalies that may occur during the procedure.

After surgery, they continue to monitor the patient's condition, monitor their vital signs, postsedation progression, and pain tolerance. Additionally, they provide established postoperative care and assist in the patient's recovery and rehabilitation.

That's why the care provided by perioperative nurses is crucial for the success of surgery and the patient's recovery. From preoperative assessment to postoperative monitoring, these nurses work tirelessly to ensure patients are safe and comfortable during the procedure and the entire process. They are also experts in pain management and medication administration, which is essential to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible. It's also important to highlight their ability to promote health and wellness through education to patients and families.

In the field of peri-anesthesiology, there are many famous nurses who throughout history have left their mark and have had a significant impact on the profession and patient care.

Among the most notable Peri-anesthesia Nurses are:

1. Mary Eliza Mahoney, was the first black nurse in the United States and a nurse rights advocate. In 1879, she graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children and dedicated her career to improving working conditions and education for nurses.

2. Clara Barton, was an American nurse and philanthropist who founded the American Red Cross. During the Civil War, she worked tirelessly to provide assistance and medical care to wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

3. Florence Nightingale, is widely considered the founder of modern nursing. During the Crimean War, she led a group of nurses to improve hospital conditions and reduce the mortality rate among wounded soldiers. After the war, she continued her dedication to health reform and improving medical care through the establishment of a nursing school.

4. Dorothea Dix, was a pioneer in mental health care and a patient rights advocate. Throughout her career, she worked tirelessly to improve conditions in psychiatric hospitals and to ensure that patients received fair and dignified treatment.

These are just a few examples of the many well-known peri-anesthesia nurses who have made a lasting impact on medical care and the profession. Their dedication, leadership, and passion for improving the lives of patients continue to inspire peri-anesthesia nurses worldwide.

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