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Physician Reinvented: The Coach

Physicians embark on demanding but rewarding careers. Some continue the journey in medicine with heightened purpose, passion, and peace, while others embrace curiosity with a rediscovered capacity to venture into business.

Find your voice.

Create the life you want.

An amazing invitation to construct a framework of your desire and step fully into the existence you imagine.

This can pose a challenge if we are not accustomed to making these decisions for ourselves. So much of success in medicine is following a predetermined path. We internalize the definition of success outlined by professional organizations and live up to the expectations of others. We are often more attuned to the voices of our families, communities, culture and colleagues than our own.

Brittny Howell, MD is a vascular surgeon and business coach who helps physicians discover their own voices to fully understand their passion and purpose, making it possible to both determine and create the lives they want.

Filtering through the noise of the many voices we have spent a lifetime heeding can take time and effort. Identifying our own thoughts among those we have internalized throughout our training is a skill to be honed.

Dr. Howell shares her own journey in medicine, loving the work of vascular surgery. She relates the shock and surprise she experienced when she finally heard through to her own voice and realized that despite her fascination with the physiology and pathophysiology, she no longer wanted to be the operator.

Embracing this new knowing is not an easy process and it can be hard to admit to others and even to ourselves. For a time, Dr. Howell kept this new awareness hidden but noticed that her feelings only got stronger with time. The day finally arrived when she knew it was a truth that was ready to be set free – that no one and no reaction could change her mind.

With every decision we make, there is a secondary decision of supporting our own choice, which can be the more difficult step.

Dr. Howell notes that it is entirely normal for there to be a sense of regret with such a significant choice that comes from stepping into this new way of knowing. Instead of reflecting on the years of education and training as time wasted, she encourages physicians to recognize that everything that has happened simply leads to the present moment. That creating the life we want is only possible for having experienced all aspects of our collective past.

For Dr. Howell, her own realization was freeing as she relates, “for the first time ever I was truly in alignment with who I am and who I want to be.” She acknowledges this freedom was also terrifying, taking her into the unknown, which feels at times unsafe and uncomfortable. She encourages physicians to embrace all of these feelings and remember that it is from the unknown that imagination combines with intention to discover and create the life we want.

Track back to your first thoughts of medicine. Whether they emerged in childhood, through a different career, at the suggestion of others or from the deepest calling of our own heart, consider that they held elements of the unknown. Notice that there have been decisions made all along the way with opportunities to support ourselves in the choices we selected. We are fully capable of listening, learning and leading ourselves into the life of our choosing. Support from coaching offers reminders of our ability and an invitation to believe in ourselves.

In her work with women physicians, Dr. Howell has found strength in the collective, creating spaces of support grounded in a love of medicine, flourishing in the freedom of life lived differently for each individual. Some continue the journey in medicine with heightened purpose, passion and peace while others embrace curiosity with a rediscovered capacity to venture into business.

Realize the power of finding your own, unique voice. Listen to the message that invites you to be in alignment with the person you truly are. Construct the framework that supports the existence you have always imagined.  Create the life you want.

Visit Brittny Howell, MD at her website and start creating the life you want today! 

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