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Physicians Working Together in the Big Apple

Physician's Working Together (PWT) celebrates National Physician Week in NYC. A company dedicated to helping medical professionals and students become successful.

To celebrate the 6th Annual National Physician's Week, the Times Square billboard featured Physicians Working Together (PWT). PWT was founded by Dr. Kimberly Jackson and is a group dedicated to connecting, collaborating, and caring for physicians, medical students and the communities they serve. PWT is an international, physician-led, grassroots group that works to improve our medical system through the support and care of medical professionals and students during their education and training. National Physician's Week was started by PWT six years ago to celebrate the work physician's do every day of the year. 

Attending medical school is expensive. PWT offers scholarships for medical students who need financial help throughout their education. To help fund and support these scholarships, PWT provides a donation button on their website where anyone can donate to this amazing cause. A donation to PWT not only helps medical students, but it will help the support the future of medicine. Click this link to donate!

As National Physician's Week comes to a close, it's important to remember all of the physicians who have dedicated their lives to saving others. Every physician and medical student has selflessly given endless hours to others in their time of need. With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe over the past year, doctors have put their lives at risk to serve others during this unprecedented time in our history and it's critical we try to support and retain as many physician's as possible to train and work with the next generation of students. PWT provides a forum for physicians from all disciplines to learn from each others experiences, share information, and find solutions to universal physician issues.Join PWT today to connect and support medical professionals and students.


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