A Place in the Choir

A Place in the Choir

Are you finding it hard to get into the spirit of the holidays? Find inspiration in music. Dr. Zollinger highly recommends checking out “A Place in the Choir” to help you forget your troubles and escape in the delightful melody. Get in tune with the holidays by boosting your endorphins, forgetting your worries, and embracing the festivities with a smile on your face. This Thanksgiving crank up the holiday carols and fill your home with joy!

As we sit here in mid-November with Thanksgiving just days away, it has been harder than usual to get excited about the upcoming holidays (otherwise known as the “food extravaganza”).  Often, I find myself scrolling through my phone or computer to find something of an inspiration.  Oh yeah, we have all been there just aimlessly looking at Carol Burnett reruns or Robin Williams standup comedy routines on YouTube or Facebook – they are always good for a laugh to brighten the mood.  Scrolling for just about anything to avoid the constant barrage of news reports on the virus or the election.  Well, guess what I found?  I found a cure for the scroll, the doldrums, the anxiety, the ever-lingering clouds of doom…. I found MUSIC!

My church sends out a daily devotional to give us a little peace of mind and allows us a tiny bit of solace and time to reflect.  Well, this time they sent out a bit of music called A Place in The Choir.  Look it up on YouTube, Facebook, Google whatever platform may your preference, just take my suggestion, you will be happy you did! Next thing you know you will be toe-tapping, smiling even giggling.  Heck once I started researching it there is even a version by the Muppets – Awesome!  You can never have too much Animal and the Trombone Guy – Ha!
The video shows animals two by two singing along and having a great time. And guess what??  Even the turkeys got to join in and sing.  But there is always hope for their reprieve as happens every year.

So, I was thinking if this made me feel this good and helped me forget my worries, shouldn’t we all be listening? So here is my proposal to bring smiles all around the table this Thanksgiving holiday.  Go ahead and start listening to Christmas music, good golly a little Mariah Carey in the car and house will fire up your day – “Hey Alexa, play me some of that!”  I hope my auto insurance doesn’t go up for all the commotion in my car.

But seriously!! Try this, listen to a lovely upbeat melody every day, maybe some Michael Bublé or whoever your favorite artist may be.  It will take just a few minutes and will boost those endorphins as well as any exercise.  Of course, you must be selective in your choices or you and I will both be singing Baby Shark – Woah!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy your family, and sing a song if only in your mind. It will bring a true feeling of love and Thanksgiving to your heart! ENJOY IT!    


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