Prayers of  Diaspora Hearts

Prayers of Diaspora Hearts

The Indian subcontinent is burning in a humanitarian crisis of pandemic wildfire.

May every silent prayer

In unimaginable downtime

Curb this roaring danger

May every wish turn sublime


Our world is alight

So far yet so close those fires burn

Pray every soul arise

In rebirth as Phoenix humbly yearns


Through Filters and Layers

Through flow of endless tears

Prayers in stolen hours

Build internal powers


As that bandaid box runs empty

Stream of tears runs dry

Watching helpless as Hearts melt away

Pray tomorrow brings a better day


As smiles get elusive

In that distant happy place

Laughter inaccessible

Escapes our Inner Space


Things often get harder

Before they get better

Respect Circle of Life’s juggle

Respect every struggle


Growth sprouts from Roots

Not in frivolity

But in sadness, in failure,

Through hearts that deeply care


In Life’s transitions,

The same place so different,

The same face so different

As dance of illusions


Changes stark as Night & Day,

Yet after a sleepless night,

Braving obstacles in fight

Comes dance of a brand new day


For life doesn’t get easier

May we get stronger..

Through Hide-Seek of smile escapades

Even in a once happy place 


The Indian subcontinent is burning in a humanitarian crisis of pandemic wildfire. A constant reminder of how our skies are the same and how fragile and unpredictable life is. Watching helplessly from afar as our human counterparts suffer unimaginable tragedies. One doesn’t have to be from a particular race to empathize with another end of the planet. Sometimes even a humble prayer can curb a storm. It takes a Village. One Human Race.

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