Pro-Human Perspectives on Race-Based Medical Care

Pro-Human Perspectives on Race-Based Medical Care

Some anniversaries are celebrated, while others are observed so that the events they commemorate will not be repeated. January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, set on the date of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1945. Every day is an important day to reflect on our current divisive times, but PARTICULARLY important today, on this day of Remembrance, to come together as medical professionals so that we never forget the important lessons this painful time in history teaches us about humanity. Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism is hosting a webinar for those in the medical profession who are open to respectful discussion about what it means to be "pro-human."

The physician-patient relationship is like no other: intensely personal, private, and as Hippocrates said, “sacred.” Now we are in danger of giving away our authority to make individual medical decisions. Institutional and government overreach ranges from the American Medical Association’s attempts to mold our language and behavior in the name of health equity to the federal and local governments’ suggesting non-scientific criteria for treatment protocols.

Medical science is based on facts and objective observations, and treatment decisions are based on shared decision-making with the individual patient. Yet we are increasingly finding ourselves at the mercy of government “experts,” many with conflicts of interest. We are seeing disturbing trends in medical school where student lessons are peppered with politically charged rhetoric.

Medicine is about caring for individual human beings, not advancing political agendas. This timely webinar will explore these issues and help us arrive at pro-human solutions to preserve our autonomous patient-physician relationship.

Join FAIR Advisor Wilfred Reilly plus FAIR in Medicine fellows, Dr. Sally Satel, Dr. Marilyn Singleton, Dr. Aida Cerundolo, Dr. Diana Blum, and FAIR attorney, Leigh Ann O’Neill for this informative and timely Webinar.

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