Quarantine Resources

Quarantine Resources

That Enrich Lives in More Ways Than One

This month at Physician Outlook Magazine, we have put together a list of great websites or podcasts to help all of our readers through various components of interest or struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Get Rich Education

While over 28 million Americans are without employment and uncertain how to move forward out of this economic downward spiral, we are left questioning how to recover financially as well as how to make sure we are more financially secure in the future. In Keith’s podcast “Get Rich Education,” listeners are provided with actionable tasks to take control of their current financial situation and discover strategies to empower your future. With an emphasis on real estate investments, Keith answers the key questions we all have on our minds – particularly as we hope for a more stable economic future.


Talk Space

While we are all taking extra precautions to protect our physical health, this can also be a trying time mentally. Stress, the inability to gather with friends and family, unable to see your usual therapist, uncertainty for the future – can all play a factor in compounding anxiety. Whether you would prefer to seek out a licenses therapist through text, phone or video chat, Talkspace allows for various subscription plans to meet your needs. Another reason why we love it: Right now, Talkspace is offering free services for all heathcare professionals and discount subscription for other users.


Circletime – Circletimefun.com

With the founder of Physician Outlook being a pediatrician, we HAVE to check out what is available for those little ones (ages 0-6). Circletime is a mix of on-demand or live classes that range from cooking, yoga, sensory development, story time and our favorite – dance parties!


EdX: EdX.org

While we may not be able to sit in a classroom or head into work, EdX allows an out-of-the-box way of building credentials and knowledge of thousands of topics. For a small fee, you can add a verified certificate to each course, but to view and complete – they are free! Turn off the Netflix and hit the books – use this time to learn about something that can make you a better professional or something that has always interested you.

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