The Question

The Question

On hospital call duty for neurology, I had a particularly intense and hectic 3 nights. I didn’t get home till maybe 9pm or 10pm each night. When I finally got home Sunday night, my wife hit me with...

The Question: “Who do you love better,” Pamela demanded, “Your patients or me?

Now I am no dummy. I responded immediately: “It is you, my beautiful bride, that I love the most.

I don’t believe you,” Pamela uttered as she turned and walked away. That night my sleep home was the guest bedroom. However, with some Ghirardelli Chocolates and with some apologetic sweet talkin’, by the next night, I was back in our master bedroom. And of course, Pamela is no stranger to these kind of work weekends. She knew this when she married into the medical profession 41 years ago. But sometimes, I guess, it still gets to her. I suspect that many doctors have at one time or another been on the receiving end of the “Who do you love better,” Question.

Now it is one thing when one’s spouse or partner asks “The Question,” but what about when our kids ask? And what may be even more disheartening is when they don’t ask. What if they silently presume the answer?


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